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A Weissman Tour Leader position requires an individual who can be a friend, yet an authority figure; sensitive to the needs of the teenagers, yet able to provide discipline; full of energy, yet understanding of the need for quiet time; patient, but able to meet deadlines; organized, yet flexible; serious when necessary, but always willing to have fun! In addition, the tour leader must be a team player, responsible for the health, safety, and well being of the teenagers.

If you are at least 21 years of age and would like to apply for one of the tour leader positions, please print out an application on your computer by clicking on the "Get Application" link at bottom of page. Once you have completed the application, fax it to us at 914-693-4807, along with your resume and cover letter. We will email all prospective candidates, requesting that they call us to arrange an interview. Please note that all interviews must take place in our NY office. We are located 20 minutes north of NYC by car and 40 minutes by Metro North from Grand Central Station.

Staff Orientation will take place throughout Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, May 26-Monday, May 28, 2012), and full participation is required for all staff members. Please note that transportation to and from the Interview and Orientation Meeting is at the participant's expense.

We hope to hear from you shortly since we interview and hire on a rolling basis.

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517 Almena Ave.

E-mail: wtt@cloud9.net

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